Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone compatibility

To connect to a Tain Electronics device using Bluetooth Low Energy, your smartphone or tablet must have support for Bluetooth 4.0.

This must be supported in both the hardware and the software.


On iPhones, Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled on the iPhone 4S (released October 2011) and later.

On iPads, Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled on the iPad 3rd Generation (released March 2012) and later.


On Android, Bluetooth 4.0 is supported on Android version 4.3 and later.

HOWEVER, even on devices that have Android 4.3 or later, Bluetooth 4.0 is generally only enabled on hardware devices manufactured in about 2013 and later - though that is only a rule of thumb.

ALSO, there are some Android phones and tablets on the market that have hardware support for Bluetooth 4.0, but do not allow official upgrades to Android 4.3 or later (though this can be done manually with some tech knowhow).

The only way to be sure that the hardware and software will support Bluetooth 4.0 is to check the manufacturer's specifications at the time of purchase.

If purchasing a new or used device, you should seek assurances from the vendor at the time of purchase that the hardware and software fully support Bluetooth 4.0.

Purchase recommendations

We suggest the Apple iPhone as a preferred option, due to more reliable and consistent Bluetooth 4.0 performance, and faster overall performance when viewing data in the app.

A used iPhone 5S can be purchased on the second-hand market for around AUD $400 or less.

We still see good performance on most compatible Android devices, but the diversity of the hardware specifications between different vendors and models means highly reliable performance is harder to achieve.

But if an Android device is preferred, the product should still work well as long as the hardware and Android version support Bluetooth 4.0.

A Samsung Galaxy S5 with full hardware and software support for Bluetooth 4.0 can be purchased on the second-hand market for under AUD $450.